MP3 Tag Express

The Quickest and Easiest way to Tag and Rename Audio Files

Audio Tag and Rename Productivity Software for DJs and Collectors

MP3 Tag Express is an audio tag editor that enables you to batch edit audio tags and batch rename audio files across one or more folders simultaneously. It provides a wealth of tag and file name editing functions that make it a great productivity tool for DJs and audio collectors; the most common tasks can be accomplished with speed and ease, turning hours of work into a fraction of the time. Some of its key features include:

Bulk track and file re-numbering to ensure tracks play in the correct order

Re-name audio files from tags like Artist, Album, Track Title

Powerful character trimming and text substitution

Create and assign audio tags from folder and file names

Export audio tag and file information to a spreadsheet

Dictionary-based multi-term substitution

Bulk copy/pasting of audio tags and cover art

Permanent gain (volume) adjustment (mp3 only)

Batch assignment of ISRC codes

Audio disc ripping to high quality Mp3 format

Can tag and rename Mp3, M4a, M4b, Wma, and FLAC files

Multi-level undo allows you to roll-back changes if mistakes are made

A comprehensive video tutorial demonstrates how to get the most out of the product

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MP3 Tag Express main interface

Simple and Intuitive Design

All the functions in MP3 Tag Express are organised in a logical arrangement and grouped together to make the product as intuitive and simple as possible. You can accomplish more without having to learn complex audio tag editing software.

Save Time and Effort

MP3 Tag Express enables you to work across multiple folders at the same time using batch tag editing and batch file renaming. You can spend more time focusing on your audio collection by turning hours of work into minutes.

Timely Support

We get back to our customers Fast, providing quality support for product issues or questions. We also strive to make software better by making better software based on feedback and suggestions provided by our customers.


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